Outsourced Business Development, Outsourced Sales, Trade Show Services Maine, Boston

Welcome to the Endurance Group

The Endurance Group was established in 1999 and
is headquartered in Portland, ME with an additional
office in Warren, NJ. Drawing from the talented labor
base in the Greater Portland Area, we have been able to
assemble a top-notch sales and marketing team. Our team
is adept at articulating a client's value proposition and then
delivering this message to a prospect universe that is jointly
developed by the Endurance Group and our client. Over the last
sixteen years, we have developed the expertise and best practices
that have allowed us to work with our clients to create, implement and
execute effective business development programs. More than a sales and
marketing consultant, the Endurance Group provides the skilled sales professionals
to manage and execute all stages of the sales process.

Our Approach

Our business is built on one singular premise:

No matter how sophisticated means of communication may become and regardless of how technology may enhance the ability of a company to market its services or products, ultimately, high value business transactions are closed as a result of a conversation between two people.

We help our clients to expand their existing universe of contacts by introducing them to the right person, in the right position, at the right company, at the right time…every time. Our approach is unique in that we don’t look to create activity simply to create the illusion of progress. We make a commitment to our clients that we will never put them in front of a prospect who doesn’t know who they are, what they do and hasn’t expressed serious interest in a substantive conversation.

The Endurance Group has designed a very strategic process to target, find, and engage top tier prospects with a persistent, polished, up-front (but often creative) approach. We consistently hear from potential prospects that the only reason they agreed to meet or speak with our client was due to the positive experience with the Endurance Group during our pursuit of them. The Endurance Group has developed a unique methodology in the industry which has been well received in the marketplace. It is the concept of a “Live Handoff”. We have found that the introduction of our clients to a prospective customer is a critical part of the lead development process. We accomplish this by arranging a conference call between the client, the prospect and the Endurance Group. Prior to the call, we provide our client with background on the prospect, the reason for the call and what the prospect wants to accomplish from the call. The Endurance Group then coordinates the call, makes the introductions and then fades to the background. With the relationship firmly transferred to our clients, the Endurance Group can then return to the challenging work of prospecting for new relationships.

The success of our business is a tribute to the talented team of Business Development Consultants and management staff we’ve been able to assemble. Our staff has years of sales and marketing expertise in a variety of industries. Many members of our staff are early retirees who have held senior level sales and marketing positions at large corporations. Our staff never employs a script when talking with a prospect. Our Business Development Consultants are quick studies who thoroughly master our client’s value proposition and who excel at delivering this message at senior management levels.

What Makes Us Unique

The Endurance Group hires smart, articulate people with outstanding sales and marketing backgrounds who are passionate about opening new doors and uncovering new opportunities for our clients. Our goal is to develop a true partnership with our clients marked by open communications and mutual respect. We are a small nimble firm that is creative in our approach to the marketplace and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our business development efforts are always innovative. We also realize that business development is a numbers game. One needs to kiss a lot of frogs before one finds a handsome prince or princess. So while we definitely believe in the need to work smart, we also believe it is just as important to work hard. All of our staff have a strong bias for action, since at the end of the day, we are evaluated by the new relationships representing real revenue opportunities that we develop for our clients.

Working with the Endurance Group also means that your project will receive the full thoughtful attention of Jim and Jerry Sullivan, co-owners of the firm. Jim and Jerry are passionate about this business and they bring almost forty years of business experience to the Endurance Group. They place a high value on education having been privileged to attend some of this country’s best schools and always strive to hire staff with excellent educational credentials. Jim and Jerry are the sons of Irish immigrants who have always been encouraged to work hard and reach for grand goals. We bring this same philosophy to our business.