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The Endurance Process

The Endurance Group has developed a comprehensive set of methodologies,
best practices and technologies, which it deploys in different ways based on
specific client needs and objectives...

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Need for a Sales System

“I have my own style of selling.”

That is a remark heard often by sales managers in every industry, usually from novice salespeople.

What they usually mean is something like this: “I don’t have any real system to what I do, I don’t want any scrutiny, and I probably am not going to learn anything from you.” ...

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Persistence, Process, Profit

Great companies are built, not born. A powerful idea is only the beginning of a long journey that, with much hard work and more than a little luck, can become a self- sustaining business, capable of providing products or services to customers worldwide. Business analysts have written papers, articles and books studying the common traits of great leaders and the companies that they have built...

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