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Our Process

How to Build Social Capital Into your company culture

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1. Uncover your
Social Capital

What social capital does your team possess? Where did each person go to school? Previously work? Volunteer? Live? 

Uncover Social Capital

2. Analyze Your Ideal Customer Profile

Do any of your prospects share traits with your team? Did any graduate from the same school? Work at the same company? Volunteer at the same organization? Live in the same city?

Create and protect Social capital

4. Post-Launch
Analyze and Improve Through Data Analysis

We meet monthly with our clients to review all campaign data and make recommendations for the next steps.

Why work with The Endurance Group?

Our team is passionate about opening new doors and uncovering prosperous opportunities. More than consultants, our seasoned professionals manage and execute all stages of your social capital campaigns.

Unlock your Social Capital now

Discover how you can close more deals and make genuine connections

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At the Endurance Group, our mission is to unlock opportunities by revealing and leveraging authentic relationships. 

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