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Is the Hannaford Bulk Gift Card Initiative for you?

Since 2009, this Initiative has supported hundreds of organizations, providing discounted gift cards to corporations, non-profits, churches, schools and many more.

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How does this Initiative work?

When you purchase $1,000 or more of gift cards through this initiative, you get a 5% discount off your total order. If you order $1,000 in gift cards, for example, you pay only $950.

  • There is no organization too large or too small to benefit, and no limit to how much you can purchase.
  • Both general and charitable cards are available (prevents the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products).
  • Both for-profit and non-profit organizations can take advantage
  • Cards can be spent on organizational expenses, gifted to employees, used as a fundraiser, and more!

How To Get Started



Visit our registration page to learn what what simple business information you will need to get started, then sign up through our online portal.



After registering, we will review your information and notify you of approval in 2-3 business days. Log in to your account (powered by CashStar) to purchase and customize your discounted cards (digital options available as well)


Use or Gift Your Cards

Cards can be spent or gifted in many ways: Given to employees to thank their hard work, spent on organizational purchases at Hannafords, or used as a fundraiser - Click HERE to learn how to best run a fundraiser

Learn how you can use your gift cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a customer purchases $1,000 or more in Hannaford gift cards they get a 5% discount. This means that if $1,000 was purchased the customer will only pay $950. It is that easy!

Anyone can take advantage of this program, there is no organization too large or too small. All you need is the legal organization name, and the Federal Tax ID.

Nope, the gift cards come in quantities anywhere between $5-$500

There are two types of cards availability, regular cards which gives the users the ability to purchase anything. There are also charitable gift cards which limits the users ability to purchase alcohol and tobacco products.

You can decide which type of cards you would like to purchase they are available in both digital or physical

These gift cards can be used at any Hannafords location

You can pay online with a credit card or can send in a check. If paying with a check, the gift cards will not be released until arrival of the check.

For digital gift cards they will arrive 1 business day after purchasing. Physical cards will be sent in the mail and can take some time to arrive.

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