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Can your school benefit from additional funds?

Introducing Hannaford Bulk Gift Card Program for all of your School Fundraising Needs!

When your school purchases a minimum of $1,000 in Hannaford gift cards (on behalf of their supporters), Hannaford gives you a 5% discount off your total order.
So, for every order of $1,000 in gift cards, you earn $50. It’s that simple!


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​Hannaford’s bulk gift card program has provided hundreds of schools with a remarkable way to raise money to help bridge the gap between operating budgets and organizational dreams.Give the gift of great food. Buy your physical or eGift cards in bulk and choose from a variety of card designs.
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When a customer purchases $1,000 or more in Hannaford gift cards they get a 5% discount. This means that if $1,000 was purchased the customer will only pay $950. It is that easy!

Anyone can take advantage of this program, there is no organization too large or too small. All you need is the legal organization name, and the Federal Tax ID.

Nope, the gift cards come in quantities anywhere between $5-$500

There are two types of cards availability, regular cards which gives the users the ability to purchase anything. There are also charitable gift cards which limits the users ability to purchase alcohol and tobacco products.

You can decide which type of cards you would like to purchase they are available in both digital or physical

These gift cards can be used at any Hannafords location

You can pay online with a credit card or can send in a check. If paying with a check, the gift cards will not be released until arrival of the check.

For digital gift cards they will arrive 1 business day after purchasing. Physical cards will be sent in the mail and can take some time to arrive.