Market Analysis

Understand the landscape of your industry

Set course on your new business strategy

Do you have a clear perception of how your company’s industry has changed in the last 5 years? Has your team considered a new business strategy, but isn’t sure if it will be profitable? To answer these questions, The Endurance Group offers in-depth market analysis and target industry research to guide your business strategy.

Discover New Insights About Your Industry, Competitors, and Existing Strategies

Before considering a strategy shift, The Endurance Group can provide your team with a deep understanding of your customers, competitors, and marketplace. Our market analysis provides both quantitative and qualitative research from digital research to virtual interviews with potential customers, competitors, and industry experts.

Industry Interviews

Capture insights from key decision-makers in your industry, academic experts, and competitors via virtual interviews.

Benchmark Against the Competition

Compare your company’s existing business model to your competition and better determine your business’s strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.

Strategy Recommendations

TEG consultants will put together a business strategy and sales/marketing recommendations for your firm’s unique challenges based on thorough research.

Custom Industry Reports

Receive a custom industry report and analysis. All recommendations will be presented to you and your team during a series of strategic meetings.

Let's get started

We begin by having a thorough conversation with your team to understand your product and business goals. With these goals in mind, our team of consultants prepares a personalized industry report covering key industry trends and statistics, a competitive analysis, access to interview summaries, and final recommendations from our team. In our experience, successful business strategies start with in-depth insights and understanding.

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