Social Capital

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Essentials to Growing Your Law Practice

For many practices, the obstacles of expansion—such as the costs of beginning a legal company in the first place, acquiring new customers, competing with other firms, and having no time to focus on the business side of things—can become so burdensome that growth stagnates. If this describes your company, you’re not alone.

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Develop Deep Relationships Through Next-Level Networking

Networking refers to communicating and interacting with other individuals in order to make strong relationships. There has been quite an increase in the importance of networking and communication because they help to build relationships within not just our daily lives but especially our professional lives as well.

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How Social Capital Will Change Your Business’s Sales Strategy

At The Endurance Group, we believe that tapping into personal, social and professional connections goes well beyond the job search. When utilizing the concept of social capital, our consultants lean on the power of our clients’ relationships to organically unearth new sales opportunities for their businesses.