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Taking Care of Business: Tips for Lead Nurturing

Whenever you make a new business contact, the only way to know if there’s a deal on the table is to keep following up with your prospect. In a world of “following up” and “checking in” emails, here are 3 ways to personally and strategically nurture your leads.

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Being Essential – Distinguish Your Brand

It was the year 2008 and an economic crisis was rapidly spreading, resulting in increased unemployment and a diminished housing market. Businesses and consumers were feeling the impact and searching for innovative ways to navigate the economic crisis; one New England supermarket chain, we will refer to as New England Grocery, found an innovative new opportunity to increase their revenue through bulk gift card sales while supporting the local business and non-profit communities.

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Best Practices for Using Your CRM

Professionals across all industries hear “CRM” thrown around in business development conversations as an essential tool for sales operations. Some of The Endurance Group’s most successful clients expanded their customer and revenue base thanks to their CRM’s transparency, efficiency, and management tools. So – what is a CRM, and why should you use one? CRM …

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