The Next Big Thing: Why AI Sales Tools Will Be the Next CRMs

Not long ago, it seemed improbable that every company would have a CRM system like HubSpot. Today, these systems are indispensable to business operations. Building AI capacity in-house requires deep expertise in AI technology and its sales and marketing applications, which can be expensive. At The Endurance Group, we have a team of AI sales consultants who develop ready-made AI sales tools like Ernest, specifically designed for sales and marketing teams. Ernest is tailored to understand your business, target customers, and market landscape. This ensures that your sales and marketing strategies are precisely aligned with your goals.

From CRMs to AI: The Next Revolution in Sales Management

CRMs like HubSpot have revolutionized business operations. They streamline sales processes, manage relationships, and enhance productivity. Now, we face another major transformation with AI sales tools like our solution at The Endurance Group, Ernest. These tools are poised to become equally essential.

At The Endurance Group, I’ve seen the transformative power of CRM technology firsthand. As HubSpot partners, we’ve helped clients integrate HubSpot’s tools into their operations. This integration reshapes how they manage relationships. Now, custom AI sales tools like Ernest are stepping into the spotlight, offering similar game-changing benefits.

The Evolution from CRMs to AI Sales Tools


CRMs like HubSpot began as simple databases that stored customer information. Over time, HubSpot has evolved into a sophisticated system that automates sales and marketing tasks, tracks customer interactions, and provides valuable insights. Today, no business leader can imagine operating without a CRM. Similarly, custom AI sales tools are starting small but have enormous potential.


Tools like The Endurance Group’s Ernest are designed to enhance the capabilities of CRMs like HubSpot by analyzing vast amounts of data, uncovering patterns, offering predictive insights, making personalized recommendations, and even creating messaging and collateral. Just as CRMs such as HubSpot have become indispensable, AI sales tools like Ernest will soon be considered essential.

Enhancing Data Management 

HubSpot organizes and tracks customer and prospect data, providing a unified view of interactions. Yet, AI sales tools like Ernest takes this a step further by analyzing vast amounts of data to uncover patterns, offer predictive insights, and personalized recommendations. According to the Boston Consulting Group, generative AI can double a sales rep’s productivity by managing and analyzing data efficiently.

Improving Customer Relationships 

HubSpot automates communications and manages interactions to strengthen customer and prospect relationships. However, Ernest uses this interaction information to predict customer needs and tailor messaging for deeper engagement. Bain & Company highlights that leading firms that use AI sales tools to enhance customer interactions, making them more personalized and effective.

Streamlining Sales Processes 

While HubSpot automates sales tasks and helps sales and marketing teams manage their pipelines efficiently, Ernest allows you to use the data provided by HubSpot and offer real-time strategic insights. Harvard Business Review notes how AI sales tools like Ernest can streamline sales by providing actionable insights, allowing sales teams to focus on more strategic activities.

Identifying Relationships with Prospects 

HubSpot shows whether anyone in your firm has contacted a lead before and its LinkedIn integration reveals first or second-degree connections. But Ernest goes further by identifying commonalities between your team and prospects, such as shared alma maters, past companies, or volunteer work. This deeper level of insight helps build stronger connections and significantly increases the chances of closing deals.

Driving Strategic Decision-Making 

HubSpot offers dashboards and reports for B2B marketers to make informed decisions. Ernest takes this one step further by analyzing the data in the dashboards/reports and then advising which keywords to invest in for PPC campaigns or which blog topics to write next. This level of guidance ensures that marketing strategies are both effective and efficient.

Leveraging Generative AI for Content Creation 

AI sales tools do not just transform sales and marketing strategies; they also revolutionize content creation. HubSpot’s book on generative AI highlights that eight in 10 marketers plan to create more content next year than they did this year. Ernest can help meet these increasing demands by streamlining content production, generating novel ideas, and repackaging existing content into multiple formats, thereby enhancing productivity without adding strain to content teams.

Looking to the Future 

As a HubSpot partner, we’ve seen how the evolution from simple databases to sophisticated CRMs has revolutionized business operations. Now, we know custom AI sales tools like Ernest will take our clients to the next level, delivering transformative results. The future of sales and marketing is here, and it’s powered by AI.

Imagine the impact of this transformation in your own organization. Reach out to The Endurance Group, share your vision of the ideal client, and let us demonstrate how Ernest can facilitate that connection. Embrace the future of sales and marketing with our state-of-the-art technology and watch your business evolve today.

Conor Sullivan, VP of Client Excellence