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Huron Case Study

Huron Consulting- Case Study

In this case study from Huron Consulting, TEG used the power of commonalities to create various lead lists to pursue.

Blackhawke- Build Social Capital

Here’s How to Build Your Startup’s Social Capital

Social capital does not emerge from a bulging Rolodex or countless connections on LinkedIn. People want to be around others who see them, appreciate them, and value their contributions. You need to make an effort to build genuine relations and enter relationships with no expectations or needs. People don’t want to be used. You can avoid making others feel used by approaching your social capital efforts with a long-term and strategic lens.

Blackhawke- Social Capital vs. Human Capital

Social Capital vs. Human Capital

People are the brain of the startup. They are the lungs. And they are the legs. Without people, it is impossible for a startup to generate the vision, design the product, and build a loyal customer base. But people differ in their capacity to contribute to a startup’s mission.

Blackhawke Advisory Boards

Building an Advisory Board

We often work with startups and learn that when founders choose advisors, their decisions are often based on which brand logos they can add to their pitch deck. However, there is a more strategic and fruitful approach to developing an advisory board.