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Commonality vs. ZoomInfo

Finding the right customers for your product or service is always a challenge. Proper tools exist to help with these issues.

Social Selling

Can Social Selling Amplify Your Sales Efforts?

We’ll start out defining social selling by saying what it is not: social media marketing. Rather, social selling uses social media as a tool to identify, connect with and build a network of potential leads.

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How custom messaging can transform your sales success

The value of common social ties are apparent in relation to a company culture, but consider for a moment the untapped potential these ties can bring to your sales messaging. You’ve heard it plenty of times; “First impressions matter”. In a hyper-competitive world, where inboxes are filling up faster than ever, you’ve got just one shot to stand out from the rest. Social ties can prove the perfect tool to inform your messaging and form lasting relationships. 

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How to Design your Work from your Home Office Like a CEO

Cutting out the commute, increasing time with family, and protecting against illness are just a few perks of working from home. According to Flex Jobs, companies are realizing that 97% of people prefer some sort of remote work option, and are leveraging this fact to attract top talent and increase employee satisfaction. This switch is empowering employees to craft work environments that work for them. Whether you wear your PJs or a full suit while working from home, here are some key considerations to transform your home office into your own CEO suite.