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Commonality vs. ZoomInfo

Finding the right customers for your product or service is always a challenge. Whether it’s just getting your name out there, or finding customers that want what you’re selling. Marketing your business to the right people is difficult. Thankfully, we live in an age where we are not alone in this endeavor. Proper tools exist to help with these issues. Alleviating much of the stress and difficulties that this challenge once presented.


One of the more well-known of these tools is ZoomInfo. A B2B intelligence tool that helps in identifying companies for you and your business to target. ZoomInfo both locates companies and is able to analyze their needs based off of their data. 

However, this may not be enough to make the connection that you’re looking for. Even if a company seems like it may be the perfect fit. There is no guarantee that they’ll want to work for you.

Commonality: Going the Extra Mile

Where ZoomInfo falls short, The Endurance Groups’ Commonality shines. Commonality is an AI powered tool which, like ZoomInfo, locates potential customers and identifies ideal industries. However, where Commonality differs from ZoomInfo is Commonality’s discovery and use of your Social Capital Inventory (SCI) to find these leads. 

Your SCI is the sum of all your company’s unique interests and backgrounds. Which Commonality discovers by evaluating all of the individual members of your company. Commonality then uses this information to find customers who will be more easily connected with. 

So what makes Commonality so different from ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo only has the ability to research connections between specific individuals. Not companies.

Commonality evaluates your entire company’s social capital and all of your employees’ connections, rather than a single individual’s network. Our technology also allows the entire company to help with introductions to new prospects and drive new business.

Commonality’s use of your SCI when finding leads not only helps to find customers more suited towards your company. It also helps pave the way for a genuine connection. This is something far beyond what can be achieved through the usage of ZoomInfo or other tools like it. 

Finding customers that are interested in you and your company is far easier when using Commonality. The leads it generates are much more likely to respond to you than they would have otherwise. 

Even small connections, such as hometowns or alma maters could be the difference in finding a potential customer. Commonality is designed to find these connections!

Commonality vs. Zoominfo comparison

Getting started with Commonality is simple. Commonality offers a FREE evaluation of your organization. How? Drawing up five potential leads to potential clients, customers, donors. You name it! 

Using your company’s SCI as a basis. Even people who would not ordinarily be involved in this process can use Commonality to build authentic and worthwhile relationships.

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Want to learn more about Commonality? We’d love to hear from you! Schedule your free demo today or feel free to ask any questions!