Employee Spotlight Cielo Cabalfin

July 2021 Employee Spotlight: Cielo Cabalfin

#EmployeeSpotlight: Cielo Cabalfin, has worked as a Business Operations Consultant at The Endurance Group (TEG) for almost five years now.

One of her favorite things about TEG is that she loves the people she works with and she knows that her work is valued.

Having worked for several years with the team, she’s established many connections and has cultivated many relationships both internally and externally.

When talking about the foundation blocks of TEG she emphasizes that relationships and communication in general, is critical for a company’s success. When referring to James Sullivan, President of TEG, she says “I look to Jim as family and a mentor. With his supportive management and our talented team, I always feel determined to do the impossible.”

Outside of TEG, Cielo loves to:

  • Spend time with family
  • Play with her dog
  • Eat good food
  • & Travel!

Cielo & Son on Vacation

Cielo Helping Unprivileged People in During the Pandemic

By way of background, Cielo earned a BA in Business Management and Travel & Tourism Management from Sprott Shaw College. She has always been passionate about customer service. Starting work when she was 12 years old, she has developed valuable experience in the travel, airline, hospitality, marketing and sales industries.

TEG acknowledges her skill set and ability to bring many talents to the table. She is known as the “outbound sales and research maven” in the workplace and has helped many fellow employees with multiple tasks. No matter the quantity of projects on her hands, she always manages not only to produce high quality work, but ensures that it is always delivered in a timely manner!

“Cielo is always willing to take the initiative! With her determination and skill set, she can tackle anything she sets her mind to! Since working with TEG, we have seen sales greatly improve for our business, and we couldn’t have done it without this talented, ambitious individual.”

– TEG Client

When asked why she likes serving as a Business Operations Consultant she said, “I enjoy helping my clients and team members pave the path to success. There are always opportunities to get new business but helping to close deals faster is the greatest and yet most rewarding challenge of all.”

Thank you for all you do, Cielo Cabalfin! #PortlandProud

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