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Effective B2B Marketing Strategies in 2021

There are many ways as to how we can market products or services to other businesses or organizations.

So you may ask, what are some of those strategies and what would be most effective?

Before getting into the possibilities, we must acknowledge and understand the B2B buyer’s journey.

Take notice of how each of these stages could influence your marketing tactics and how you put them into action. This can avoid any pitfalls and make for an effective marketing plan.

Now that you’ve digested that, Let’s start off with an example…

Say you are a B2B business that offers video conferencing from anywhere in the world. You are probably already familiar with Skype, Zoom, or Go-To-Meeting.

Especially if you felt it was necessary to utilize these services during quarantine.

The goal as a business offering video conference software is to both spread brand awareness and ultimately, sell your service.

Let’s now consider some B2B strategies for example…

Outbound Marketing:

  • Email – Perhaps you’d like to send out a promotional email to all current “free users” to share with them the benefits of upgrading to a paid subscription.
  • Phone – Or maybe you’ve acquired a list of business networking attendees and would like to personally pitch your conference software.

Inbound Marketing:

  • Google Ads – Perhaps you’d like to display a retargeting advertisement to everyone that has visited your website in the last 30 days.
  • Content Development – Or maybe you could improve your organic search ranking and traffic to your website by creating more content. You could do so by producing a blog or perhaps being featured in a major publication.

All examples can be great effective strategies, however, in order to choose wisely, you must not only acknowledge the “buyer’s journey”, but understand the “buyer’s persona” and the industry itself.

It can be difficult when juggling between demands, budgets, and decisions.

Do your research: know the industry, your target audience and most importantly, your competitors.

As a marketer, it’s difficult to choose which marketing strategy will be most effective. However, the more you do your homework and take the necessary steps to map out your plan, the less risk you take.

“We do B2B lead generation through both inbound digital marketing as well as outbound business development efforts. We leverage our LinkedIn page posts to reflect the audience we’re actively campaigning to reach, so they are receiving both proactive outreach in tandem with seeing relevant, targeted content on our website and social media.”

– Jim Sullivan, the CEO of The Endurance Group

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