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US Market Entry & European PropTech: Keys to Success

PropTech is an industry buzz word that is becoming increasingly popular. If you are not familiar with the term, PropTech refers to technology built for the Property & Real Estate industry.

Some examples of 2021 PropTech businesses in the US and European market are: VergeSense, OnSiteIQ , Knotel, FenestraPro, Rockestate and Hyperion.

The US real estate market, particularly the residential market, is red hot, making it a prime time for European proptech companies with unique software solutions to make their introduction into the US Market.

The Endurance Group (TEG) is finding ourselves at the center of this trend, and for good reason.

There are several differentiating factors that uniquely position TEG to be a go to lead generation resource for these European PropTech companies breaking into the US market. Before discussing why TEG is the top choice for such work, let’s examine why you may need to hire lead generation experts for your US market entry in the first place.

When it comes to real estate, there are significant industry differences on a country to country basis, and the US market is particularly unique when comparing it to the European market as a whole. These differences are in some cases major and obvious, and in other cases nuanced and subtle.

There are cultural differences, as well as differences in law & policy. For example, in some European nations, there are attorneys and authorities involved in practically every step of the process, where in the US this is not the case. A cultural difference between these markets can be seen in the case of Condominiums.

Because of the changes that exist between the US and European markets, it is a major advantage to have someone with boots on the ground in the US that understands the ins and outs of the real estate market. This ensures that your Proptech offering can be tailored in any ways necessary to fit the bill.

Now that we have scraped the surface on one of the major differences between the US and European markets, we can discuss how TEG is the ideal partner for US market entry.

Look no further than our President, James Sullivan, who has a hands-on role with involvement in day to day lead generation work. Before launching TEG, Jim had a long and successful real estate career. Jim concentrated primarily on valuation, loan underwriting and development, working with companies like Arthur Andersen and Rockrose Development in New York and earned a Master’s degree in Real Estate from NYU. In addition to this impressive real estate background, James has extensive software sales experience throughout his 20+ years of running The Endurance Group.

With Jim’s real estate & software experience, his team of lead generation experts are well equipped to help PropTech clients break into the “tough-to-crack” US Market.

Are you the leader of a PropTech business looking to generate more revenue? Let TEG fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads and help you move them to close!

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