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Why It’s Crucial to Understand More About Your Prospects

You’ve likely heard it a thousand times, but put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make every communication about them. Frame your product/service as something that can make them happier, more educated, or save them money, essentially anything that benefits them.

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How Marketing and Our Commonality Platform Can Help Clients in Insurance?

When we talk about insurance companies, they usually have difficulty convincing traditional families or clients about how their services can help them in the future. Why do people avoid insurance? Young people tend to avoid life insurance unless their employer purchases it. In the early years of their careers, they have limited disposable income and …

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How Marketing & Commonality Can Help Real Estate Clients

By using Commonality, your team can move beyond traditional referral sources, while still generating leads through authentic connections. With this approach, you can spend more time cultivating the strongest relationships, while delivering results for your existing clients. 

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How Social Capital Will Change Your Business’s Sales Strategy

At The Endurance Group, we believe that tapping into personal, social and professional connections goes well beyond the job search. When utilizing the concept of social capital, our consultants lean on the power of our clients’ relationships to organically unearth new sales opportunities for their businesses.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with SEO in 2022

If you take away one idea from this post it is that SEO is critical for your business’s digital presence. Without a solid plan and execution, your business will get lost amongst the thousands of other businesses vying for customers online. By implementing SEO best practices, your business will garner more visibility online by ranking your website higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) leading to more web traffic, marketing qualified leads, and sales.

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Customer Profiles: 4 Ways to Target Your Ideal Customer

As you onboard a new client and learn about their business, start your sales and marketing strategy by defining your client’s ideal customer profile. A staple of any sales and marketing strategy is building a customer profile.