I'm Jim Sullivan, CEO. With over 20 years in lead generation and outsourced sales, we use our expertise, as well as our cutting-edge technology, to empower our clients to forge valuable connections with prospects and amplify their pipelines a remarkable 16x

Therefore, we use our experience, tenacity, and technology to amplify donation efforts and alumni outreach for non-profits and execute lead generation strategies for B2B companies.

LinkedIn Acceptance Rate

  • Digital Marketing Executive Engaging with TFA Alumni: 66%
  • Client in Digital Transformation Connecting with Fraternity Members: 47%
  • Executive Coach Prospecting University of Washington Graduates: 46%
  • Consulting Firm Reaching Out to Alumni of Current Clients: 32%

Meeting Rate

Average (Per Week Per Person)
  • Irish Outsourced Accounting Firm- 5.8
  • US Life Sciences Staffing Firm- 3.2
  • Global Management Consulting Firm- 3.1
  • South American Software Development Firm- 2.6

Response Rate

  • Financial Advisor Connecting with Deloitte Alumni: 22%
  • Proptech Business Engaging with Conference Participants: 22%
  • Insurtech Company Targeting Prospects of Irish Descent: 19%
  • Accounting Firm Engaging with Kellogg School Graduates: 14%

Grow Your Number of Leads 16x

Moreover, at TEG, we harness our two decades of lead generation prowess, proprietary technology, communication tools like LinkedIn and email, and CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce to craft and implement strategies that generate leads 16-fold, so you can close more deals, add more donations, and connect with more alumni. 

We pride ourselves on being a consulting firm with technology, not just a tech company.

Because of this, we meet with you every week and ensure you are making the most of your new opportunities. Furthermore, we provide US market entry services, outsourced sales help, lead generation assistance, sales coaching, CRM implementation, pipeline management, and more.

Most importantly, our clients benefit from an average of 30-40 high-value LinkedIn connections and 1-2 meetings each week.

Define Your Prospect Profile

We've discovered that the success of a campaign is often determined by the quality of the prospect list.

First, we help you determine the types of organizations you want to work with (industry, size, location, etc.) and who at those firms you want to speak to (titles, function, experience, etc.)

Measure Your Team's Social Capital

Then, we use our technology to analyze your company.

At what institutions did your team study? At what companies did your team previously work? What organizations does your team donate their time and money to? Where does your team live? And more.

Create Relationship Maps

Finally, we analyze who in your organization shares commonalities with your top targets. Did anyone on your team study at the same university as your prospect? Work at the same prior company? Volunteer with the same organization?

All things considered, we have found relationships and connections are everything. Because of this, we use our technology to chart your "best path" to your top prospects.

Write Bespoke Messaging and Generate Suggested Replies

During our onboarding process, we leverage our two decades of experience along with state-of-the-art AI technology.

Consequently, this empowers us to create engaging messages tailored to your prospects. These messages emphasize the mutual aspects between you and your prospect, showcase your distinct value proposition, and reflect your unique writing style.

Additionally, once campaigns begin and prospects respond, you can use our technology to generate suggested replies, optimizing your chances of securing a meeting and/or donation.

Create, Launch, and Manage Campaigns

Based on our detailed analysis, we craft bespoke lead generation campaigns aimed at securing meetings with premium prospects. In fact, our seamless integration with nearly every CRM, including HubSpot and Salesforce, facilitates comprehensive lead tracking.

Then, we provide data analysis tools to ensure you are getting the most of your campaigns.

Additionally, TEG offers the flexibility of collaborating with your team to execute these campaigns or providing the resources to manage them on your behalf.

Consult with our Team on a Weekly Basis

Finally, we ensure you are making the most of your new opportunities by providing sales coaching, CRM enhancement, pipeline management, and more.

We Work With World-Class Clients

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Create Organizational Growth in These 2 Areas:

We use our 20+ years of experience and done-for-you services to help you execute effective lead generation strategies, so you can close more deals, connect with alumni, and/or gain new donations.


Essentially, we help our clients identify new prospects, create relationship maps to identify who at your company has the “best way into” target accounts, and run “done-for-you” lead generation campaigns in which we help you reach out to prospects.

Donations and Alumni Outreach

Also, we help our non-profit clients identify individuals for alumni/donor outreach and conduct campaigns in which we help you reach out to donors and alumni via our mechanized LinkedIn campaigns.

How To Grow and Unlock Opportunities by Creating Authentic Relationships


Firstly, we identify prospects that will help you and your organization grow (potential new clients, hires, investors, board members, etc.) and share common characteristics with your team. Then, we help you create personalized, automated email and LinkedIn campaigns which feature tailored messaging and CRM integration.


Later, we analyze your campaigns' performance through our intuitive dashboard. Concerned about responding to a high-value prospect? Then, leverage our AI technology to generate effective replies, proven to yield successful meetings or donations, once the prospect engages.


Finally, meet with us every week. In fact, we will help you and your team make sure you are getting the most out of your lead generation campaigns by fine tuning your prospect profile, conducting calls with prospects, setting up your CRM, and much more.

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Leverage our 20 years of lead generation, US market entry, B2B sales, and non-profit development experience to drive growth

Social Capital is complex. Because of this, you need a method and guide to sort through it and identify opportunities. Let us help you discover hidden opportunities that will help you grow your lead generation efforts.

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