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Since 1999, The Endurance Group has implemented highly successful B2B Business Development and Marketing programs for clients large and small, all around the world. 

Are you ready to go the distance? Discover our unique approach and learn how we can advance your organization to new heights.  

We do things different At The Endurance Group

We make sales and marketing a personal experience. Our dedicated team in Maine specializes in deep research and custom messaging to develop genuine relationships with clients. In addition, we’ve bottled our ‘secret sauce’ in our proprietary AI-powered platform, Commonality, which leverages shared traits with your prospects to elevate your sales efforts to new heights.

Business Development

We help businesses like your’s find the right channels, leads, and messaging to expand sales


You can trust us to orchestrate metric-driven marketing campaigns to exceed your goals


Gain an edge over the competition with the help of our proprietary, AI-driven platform, Commonality

Commonality Delivers
  • Quality Leads
  • Rich Insights
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Deep Relationships

Gain an Edge

We developed our Commonality platform exclusively for your sales efforts to stand out

Common Connections

Commonality uses AI algorithms to identify shared social ties between your team and potential clients

Ideal Leads

Through Commonality, we generate bespoke lead lists, which rank leads based on their potential to convert

Targeted Messaging

Because Commonality identifies shared ties, our sales messaging becomes genuine and personalized


The faces behind (y)our success

We work with

World-class clients

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