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Is to Unlock Opportunities by Revealing and leveraging authentic relationships

What do we do? We guide our clients through our proven process and utilize sales and marketing services that leverage their social capital into new opportunities

How do we do it? We use our AI platform and 20+ years of relationship selling experience.


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At The Endurance Group, we define “social capital” as the social attributes and experiences that bond us together.
 We believe every individual and organization needs and deserves to uncover their social capital because finding connections creates new opportunities and ultimately makes the world a better place.
Identify Connections and Leads


Receive a report that shows the existing social capital within your team and opportunities for growth.

Leverage social capital


Determine the social capital of your top accounts' decision-makers and identify who shares commonalities with your team.

Promote Social Capital


Generate sales and marketing campaigns that connect you with prospects 5 times more likely to convert because of your social ties.

Create and protect Social capital


Meet with our team to analyze your progress and determine the best ways to enhance your results.

Untangle your relationships and network maps to determine the "best way in" to your top prospects.

Social Capital Inventories

We determine your organization's social capital. Who is part of your organization? Where did they go to school? Previously work? Volunteer?


We discover the social capital attributes that the majority of your prospects possess and design marketing strategies around them.

Relationship Expansion Campaigns

We identify the person at your organization who has the most connections to your prospects through their social capital and design sales campaigns around their networks.


We determine who at your company has the strongest connection to each of your top prospects. Then, we create an account-based selling strategy to utilize these relationships.

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