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Empowering Success: The Endurance Group's AI Sales Tools in Action

Welcome to The Endurance Group’s Case Studies and Testimonials page, where we showcase the transformative impact of our AI Sales Tools and our services across a diverse range of sectors. Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and our 20+ years of experience to drive success for our clients is evident in the stories of growth, expansion, and engagement we’ve facilitated. Explore how our tailored AI solutions and services have revolutionized Professional Services, Software and Technology, International Expansion into the US Market, and College/University Non-Profits.

Unveiling Triumphs: Stories of Success with Endurance Group's AI Sales Tools

Explore these case studies and testimonials to understand how The Endurance Group’s AI Sales Tools and business development services can drive success for your organization. Whether streamlining sales processes, breaking into new markets, or enhancing donor engagement, our technology and expertise pave the way for remarkable results.

Case Studies:

Software + Technology

Client: One of India’s largest Information Technology Outsourcing companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion.

Need: Identify new prospects for client’s Media & Entertainment and Communications Practices.

Approach: Contacted “C” Suite level decision-makers with a persistent and polished calling campaign.

Outcome: Significant new business opportunities closed representing several million dollars in new revenue for our client.

Meetings and Conference Calls Arranged Include Time Warner, Viacom, NBC Universal, Disney, Pearson, Gannett, Sprint, Verizon, Rogers Telecom, and Quest.



A passionate group of strategic thinkers and creative minds, pushing way beyond the boundaries of technology. 

Combining some ot the most talented computer scientists to engage the forefront of technology.

Need: Look for a partner who is more than just an outsourced business development firm; who could accelerate their business development efforts and find new clients in the US education market – particularly, education software companies and publishers.

Approach: Provide services across three major disciplines, including sales and lead generation, content creation, and market analysis. Strategize and develop long-term growth plans. Develop and execute campaigns to target audiences, and convey qualified contacts into the sales pipeline.


The expansion of the firm has now increased to 60 people working full-time. The growth of the firm is now on track in a sustainable way that capitalizes on the strength of their existing brand and client base.

The demand for the business’s consulting services is stronger than ever. They continue to hire more people to keep up with their clients’ demand.

Client: Colombia-Based Software Development Agency

Need: Identify new prospects in the US Market

Approach: TEG identified decision makers within the client’s prospect profile in the US market who shared social capital with the CEO of the Colombian agency (same heritage, graduates of the same alma mater, worked at the same prior company, etc.). TEG created a Deluxe Relationship Expansion Campaign for their CEO and reached out to prospects via LinkedIn, email, and phone. TEG also emailed individuals who did not respond on LinkedIn, added leads to the client’s CRM, and scheduled meetings.

Outcome: Over 6 months, TEG scheduled over 50 meetings with target prospects which, to date, have resulted in 2 closed deals worth more than $1 million USD. Other deals are ongoing.

Client: US-Based Insurance Technology Company

Need: Introductory meetings with leaders at a specified target list of mutual insurance companies

Approach: TEG created a Social Capital Inventory of all employees of the company (each employee’s alma mater, prior work experience, volunteer work, etc.). Then, TEG created a Commonality Report to determine the social capital conections the employees had to decision makers at each target mutual insurance company. Finally, TEG created Standard Relationship Expansion Campaigns for two of their employees and reached out to decision makers via LinkedIn by leveraging their social capital: Boston College, Liberty Mutual, etc.

Outcome: Over 3 months, TEG scheduled meetings with decision makers at 20 target mutual insurance companies. To date, 5 of those meetings have moved to proposal stage. Others are ongoing.


We recently worked with CUNY (City University of New York) and helped them leverage LinkedIn to connect with alumni for various initiatives (student mentorship, donations, athletics, etc.).

Through our technology and services, the College of Staten Island alumni team signed up 30 career mentors in only two months. The CCNY team received 88 replies from target alumni in only two weeks!

Case Studies:

Professional Service Firms

Client: Management consulting firm with large private equity practices.

Need: Identify private equity firms that require assistance with due diligence work for potential acquisitions.

Approach: Contact leading private equity firms throughout the United States via cold calls and emails.

Outcome: 62 leading private equity firms were identified and engaged within the first 8 months of this project. Due diligence expertise of the management consulting firm has been proven and our client is now the “go-to” firm for several leading private equity firms.

To date, three new private equity firms have been added as clients representing revenue in excess of $1 million. A robust pipeline of qualified prospects continues to generate new opportunities.

Client: US-Based Small Consulting Firm

Need: Identify new prospects within the emerging life science industry

Approach: TEG created a Deluxe Relationship Expansion Campaign for one of their consultants. TEG sent LinkedIn invites and follow up messages to prospects who also attended their alma maters, Purdue and Stanford, as well as individuals who previously worked at one of their past clients, Sanofi. In addition, TEG emailed those individuals who did not respond on LinkedIn, added leads to the client’s CRM, and scheduled meetings.

Outcome: Over 3 months, TEG generated 370 accepted connections, 147 replies, and 29 meetings. Approximately 50% of those meetings led to opportunities that are still ongoing.

Client: US-Based Mid-Size Consulting Firm

Need:  Introductory meetings with a set list of Senior Vice President+ level decision makers at well-known health insurance providers

Approach: TEG created a Social Capital Inventory of all employees at the consulting firm (each employee’s alma mater, prior work experience, volunteer work, etc.). Then, TEG created a Commonality Report to determine the social capital connections each employee had to 261 Senior Vice President + prospects at their target accounts.

Outcome: Over 3 months, TEG helped employees connect on LinkedIn with at least one prospect at 61% of the target accounts. Overall, TEG scheduled meetings with 18% of prospects. This work is still ongoing. 

Client: TEG created a Relationship Expansion Campaign for Ben Chrischilles of Huron Consulting with a core focus in the Higher Education industry.

Need: Identify new prospects for the client to address current issues and strategically plan solutions.

Approach: Identify and secure interest and awareness with key-decision makers in the Higher Education sector. This was done through LinkedIn invites, messaging campaigns, and general outreach.

Outcome: TEG generated 27 accepted connections, 9 replies, and 5 meetings. 

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