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Empowering Success: The Endurance Group's AI Sales Tools in Action

Welcome to The Endurance Group’s Case Studies and Testimonials page, where we showcase the transformative impact of our AI Sales Tools and our services across a diverse range of sectors. Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and our 20+ years of experience to drive success for our clients is evident in the stories of growth, expansion, and engagement we’ve facilitated. Explore how our tailored AI solutions and services have revolutionized Professional Services, Software and Technology, International Expansion into the US Market, and College/University Non-Profits.

Unveiling Triumphs: Stories of Success with Endurance Group's AI Sales Tools

Discover how The Endurance Group’s AI Sales Tools drive success. Streamline sales, break into new markets, enhance donor engagement. Achieve remarkable results.

Case Studies:

Software + Technology

Client: One of India’s largest Information Technology Outsourcing companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion.

Need: Identify new prospects for the client’s Media & Entertainment and Communications Practices.

Approach: We meticulously contacted “C” Suite level decision-makers with a persistent and polished calling campaign.

Outcome: As a result, significant new business opportunities were closed, representing several million dollars in new revenue for our client.

Meetings and Conference Calls Arranged Include Time Warner, Viacom, NBC Universal, Disney, Pearson, Gannett, Sprint, Verizon, Rogers Telecom, and Quest.

Client: We are a dedicated team of innovators, pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity.

Our team combines top-notch computer scientists to lead in technological advancements.

Need: Seeking a partner to accelerate business development in the US education market, targeting software companies and publishers.

Approach: We offer comprehensive services in sales, content creation, and market analysis. Develop long-term growth strategies and execute targeted campaigns.

Outcome: Now with 60 full-time employees, our firm’s sustainable growth leverages our strong brand and client base.

Demand for our consulting services is soaring, prompting us to expand our team to meet client needs.

Client: Colombia-Based Software Development Agency

Need: Find new prospects in the US Market

Approach: TEG identified decision makers matching the client’s profile and CEO’s social connections. Conducted a Deluxe Relationship Expansion Campaign.

Outcome: TEG scheduled 50+ meetings, leading to 2 closed deals exceeding $1 million USD, with more in progress.

Client: US-Based Insurance Technology Company

Need: Arrange meetings with leaders at specified mutual insurance companies.

Approach: TEG inventoried employee social capital, identified connections, and launched tailored LinkedIn campaigns targeting decision makers.

Outcome: TEG scheduled meetings with 20 target companies, resulting in 5 proposals and ongoing discussions.


Recently, we collaborated with CUNY (City University of New York) to enhance their alumni engagement via LinkedIn.

Utilizing our technology and services, the College of Staten Island alumni team secured 30 career mentors within two months. Similarly, the CCNY team garnered 88 responses from targeted alumni in just two weeks!

Case Studies:

Professional Service Firms

Client: Management consulting firm focusing on private equity practices.

Need: Assist private equity firms with due diligence for potential acquisitions.

Approach: Engage leading US private equity firms through cold calls and emails.

Outcome: Identified and engaged 62 leading private equity firms. Secured three new clients with revenue exceeding $1 million.

Client: US-Based Small Consulting Firm

Need: Expand client base within the emerging life science sector.

Approach: Employed a Deluxe Relationship Expansion Campaign targeting prospects with shared alma maters and past client affiliations.

Outcome: Generated 370 connections, 147 replies, and 29 meetings, with 50% converting to ongoing opportunities.

Client: US-Based Mid-Size Consulting Firm

Need: Initiate meetings with Senior Vice President+ decision makers in prominent health insurance providers.

Approach: Utilized Social Capital Inventory to identify employee connections and created Commonality Report for prospects.

Outcome: Facilitated LinkedIn connections with 61% of target accounts and scheduled meetings with 18% of prospects. Work continues.

Client: TEG created a Relationship Expansion Campaign for Ben Chrischilles of Huron Consulting with a core focus in the Higher Education industry.

Need: Identify new prospects for the client to address current issues and strategically plan solutions.

Approach: Identify and secure interest and awareness with key-decision makers in the Higher Education sector. This was done through LinkedIn invites, messaging campaigns, and general outreach.

Outcome: TEG generated 27 accepted connections, 9 replies, and 5 meetings. 

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