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Frank Wild


Frank Worsley (nicknamed Wuzzles)


Although we may not be traversing snow and ice like Captain Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance team in 1915, we do share a common ethos of leaning into challenges and charting success. Click on our team’s pictures below to explore our own social capital. Do you share any commonalities with us?

Endurance Explorers: The Crew of Shackleton's Voyage

Jim Sullivan - Careers- team

Jim Sullivan

Nolan Cary

Nolan Cary

Conor Sullivan - Careers - Team

Conor Sullivan

Nicole Powers

Nicole Powers

Cielo Cabalfin

Cielo Cabalfin

Nick Ramos- Careers - Team

Nick Ramos

Claudia Sales - Careers - Team

Claudia Sales

The Endurance Group

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