Harness your social Capital

Commonality fuels business growth by making the most of your team’s social capital. 

This AI-powered tool delivers you ready-made lead lists, which feature ideal prospects who share social ties such as alma mater, a passion for sports, hometown and much, much more. 

With Commonality, spend less time prospecting and more  time forming lasting relationships

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What is Social Capital?

At TEG, we define Social Capital as the vast network of prospects your company is connected to through unique traits. These traits comprise your company’s Social Capital Inventory. For example, we analyze all of your employees’ alma maters, past job experiences, and passion, such as animal welfare.

Commonality matches your team’s unique traits with prospects that share those traits, so you can target leads you have connections with and then use bespoke messaging to move them to close faster.

Provides Two Reports

Social Capital Inventory (SCI)

Analyzes your employees to determine your company’s Social Capital Inventory (all employees’ unique interests and backgrounds)

Commonality Report

A highly targeted list of leads in your desired prospect profile that focuses on the shared ties between your employees and prospects

Number of shared social ties

Connection between team and client

Relevant leads based on your product / service

Leads ranked based on potential conversion opportunity

Commonality Delivers
  • Quality Leads
  • Rich Insights
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Deep Relationships

So, How DO I get Started?

Get Your Free Demo

The team at The Endurance Group are happy to provide a Commonality demo (5 leads in your prospect profile and how your company is connected to them), and answer any questions you might have.

Decide if it's for you

We understand this unique approach to sales may be new territory for your company. Our team is always open to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re experienced in relationship-based selling, or just getting started — Commonality can make it easy.

Start with an SCI Report

You’ve decided to make use of your Social Capital to form genuine connections and close more deals: Great! The first step is to assess the unique backgrounds of your team through a Social Capital Inventory report.

Get Your Commonality Report

Commonality analyzes your SCI Report to generate a Commonality Report. This report lists ideal leads (and their contact information), as well as shared ties to inform messaging, which the TEG team can form on your behalf. 

Last Step: Close More Deals

How can Commonality™ help you?

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Uncover Key Connections

Commonality uses machine learning algorithms to identify shared social ties between your team and potential clients

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Provide Targeted Lists

Through Commonality, we generate bespoke lead lists which rank prospects’ connections to your company and their likelihood to convert

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Targeted Messaging

By identifying shared ties through Commonality, sales messaging becomes genuine and personalized

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Analyze Existing Contacts

Your existing contact lists can be run through Commonality to discover shared traits with key prospects

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Rich Insights

Commonality can uncover data trends which inform sales efforts on an even deeper level

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Gain an Edge

The Commonality platform was developed exclusively for you to stand out with your sales efforts

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“The Endurance Group’s strategy of using shared experiences to establish connections and book meetings with prospects has worked incredibly well for FenestraPro. Their efforts have resulted in an average 30% response rate and has started conversations with key firms that we’d been interested in pursuing for years.”

David Palmer

CEO & Founder
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“The foundation of SaltGrid’s success has been our domain expertise in the areas of human safety and data analysis. Our growth strategy had previously relied on referrals from industry leaders. The Endurance Group’s efforts to expand our business through networking with like-minded health and safety leaders have helped SaltGrid develop new business relationships across the globe.”

Chris Aitken


Boost your sales with help from Commonality

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