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While scrolling through my LinkedIn feed this week, I came across multiple articles about How to Leave a Sales Voicemail That Works. I clicked through each article and got inundated with repetitive messaging. Allow me save you a bit of time , here is what I found. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Be Concise
  2. Leave your phone number twice
  3. Ask Precise Questions 

People are struggling to leave voicemails, that I can understand, however, the above overlooks the most crucial part of business communication. Kindness. 


In 2006, ABC News conducted a poll about the intersections between technology and politeness. Research indicated that 41% of Americans admitted to being so busy and pressed for time that they were not always polite. Is this lack of kind communication in turn reducing responses to voicemails, texts, or emails? 

Let’s put this in perspective, 2006 is one year before the release of the original iPhone. The integration of smartphones into society has further removed our human connection, not to mention, our need to answer the phone. 


In 2009, Christine Porath’s and Christine Pearson’s “The Cost of Bad Behavior,” explores survey outcomes from over 9,000 managers and employees. Highlighted results included a decrease of effort on the job due to ongoing rude treatment. Without action and with the increase in technology, how much can inappropriate behavior increase in ten years? 


In 2013, The Harvard Business Review published a continuation piece by Porath and Pearson with results from further research. A poll of 800 managers and employees in 17 industries on the receiving incivility. Results showed that 25% of those surveyed admitted to taking their frustration out on customers. Working with University of Florida Professor Amir Erez furthered their research scope. It was discovered that participants treated poorly were 30% less creative and produced 25% fewer ideas than their counterparts.


Over the years, I have told my clients and employees the same thing; Kindness is free; you never know what door it will open. Next time you are about to make a call, instead of searching for how to leave a voicemail or send a text, consider how to communicate with kindness, then proceed. 

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Pro Tip:

Kindness is free.