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About a year into my employment at The Endurance Group, the CEO, Jim Sullivan, called me into his office. Jim explained that he was very pleased with my work thus far and thought I could handle additional responsibility. He then continued and said that, unfortunately, my colleague was leaving to pursue another opportunity. Would I be willing to take over his client?

As I think back to this moment, I realize I should probably have been more anxious than I was. I have heard many horror stories from friends about their companies failing due to employee turnover. But I reacted in the exact opposite way. Since arriving at The Endurance Group, I had felt trusted to do good work and get my job done. Yet another example- Jim believed I was ready to handle an additional client, so I was on board, and I was excited. 

Over the next two days, my former colleague and I camped out in the conference room and poured over every detail of my new client. He explained the ins and outs of his relationship with the client and their expectations. Then, Jim showed me their preferred metrics and specifically designed lead generation reports. He let me sit on in his weekly call so I could see in real-time the meeting agenda and rapport he had with the client. My mind was spinning, but I felt ready to jump in.

During my first week with the new client, Jim recommended I go to my new client’s office to cement our relationship. He explained that our mission is to put clients first and develop a personal connection. Jim set up the meeting, and within a few minutes, thanks to my work with my former colleague, my new client, and I hit it off.

I have been off and running with my new client ever since. Each week, we check-in in the same manner that my former colleague taught me, and most importantly, I have closed several deals for them in the past year. Once a month, I receive an email with feedback about my work:

I just want to say WELL DONE on this lead! This is a significant lead and great company.GREAT lead! This company is big, multiple locations, 50+ users, looking for a new partner that can help with training and better utilizing the system.

I am proud to work at The Endurance Group. We are a small firm that helps companies “connect the dots” and create opportunities for our clients. However, the reason we do a great job is

because of our family environment. Our small group of great professionals allow ideas to move quickly, even amid inevitable employee turnover; we put our clients first.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about The Endurance Group. I would love to hear from you! Also, check out our website and LinkedIn page for more information.