Social Network Mapping

Having a lot of clients can be tough. Remembering the specific details of each can be a challenge. Keeping all that information together can be an issue for even the most organized professionals. Understanding the relationships all of your clients have can be even worse, as they could have just as many social connections as your business does. Trying to understand all of the social connections that could affect your business is a daunting task to say the least. However, things don’t have to be so difficult and confusing, through the use of social network maps. 

Social Network
Social Network Mapping

Social network mapping is the method of linking groups or individuals by their social interactions. Through a chart-like system,  you can make it visually apparent who interacts with whom. Though complex, these charts help to analyze how people or groups interact with one another, in order to help you understand yourself and your clients. 

In this type of map, each dot represents a person or group. The lines between these dots represent the relationships between them. The lines identify all of the various relationships your clients may have with you, other organizations, or even each other, helping you to better understand how they operate. 

The use of social network mapping can provide many advantages to you and your business. These maps can help your business to find competitors and how to outplay them, as well as aid in launching campaigns and products. They can also help to improve your odds of success by evaluating the relationships of the dots in your map. 

Social Network mapping
Social Network Mapping

Creating Social Network Maps is easy. Once taking in all of this resourceful information, the Endurance group can generate maps specific to your business, providing you with the information you need to understand all of your business’s social ties. 

Are you interested in social network mapping for your business? This is just one of the many tools The Endurance Group uses to unlock meaningful business relationships that lead to growth. Let The Endurance Group draw the connections you need to determine the types of stakeholders that best fit for your organization.

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