Utilizing Commonalities with a LinkedIn Ad

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Which Ad are you more likely to click?

Advertising, like many other industries, has changed drastically over the last several years. The classic campaigns centered around search and key terms no longer have the same effectiveness as they once did. As the industry continues to change, so must the tactics employed by its professionals.

In recent years companies have generated more success through targeted advertising. Companies use  hyper specific search parameters to draw in the attention of their desired audiences. But what parameters should you choose? What is going to make a prospect click on your ad?

The solution lies in The Endurance Group’s technology, Commonality. Over the course of its 20 year history, The Endurance Group has helped companies around the world leverage their networks and background to generate new business. Today, they use their technology to analyze companies’ social capital and analyze the social ties that exist between you, your team members, and prospects to open doors to top prospects: 

  • Did you know you and a prospect both attended the same alma mater? We can help you send a LinkedIn invite.
  • Did you know your CEO and a prospect both worked at the same prior company? We can write that email for them
  • Does your engineer live in the same small town as a prospect? Let us set up a coffee chat.
  • Do you and your account executive both volunteer at the same non-profit? We will give them a call on their behalf.

The Endurance Group also uses the technology  to create hyper specific advertisements, aimed only at prospects that are more likely to click on the ad. We do this by focusing on both targeting and creative that hones in on your prospects and your companies commonalities.. The Endurance Group uses LinkedIn Ads to target prospects that possess commonalities with your team.  Look at these examples: 

The Endurance Group’s approach to digital marketing has led to striking results. In less than two weeks, The Endurance Group itself generated 9 qualified leads, and met with over half of them almost immediately. 

Additionally, marketing with The Endurance Group  has many other benefits:
  • Low Bounce Rate: Prospects fill out a form on the LinkedIn platform instead of a separate page, which leads to more responses to your ads and mitigates high bounce rates on your website
  • Less Spam: To this point, there are very few spam “robot accounts” which fill out LinkedIn ads, so spam occurs less frequently than other ad initiatives
  • Cost-Effective: TEG has found the average campaign costs less than 25% of a campaign with similar results on another site 
  • More Targeting: LinkedIn Ads allows TEG to only show the ads to your exact prospect profile. If you only want those in the C-Suite to see your ad, then only C-suite executives will!
Benefits of commonalities with a LinkedIn Ad

Getting started with Commonality is simple. Commonality offers a FREE evaluation of your organization to determine what commonalities would create the best ad. 

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Want to learn more about Commonality and our approach to digital marketing? We’d love to hear from you! Schedule your free demo today or feel free to ask any questions!