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What Olympic Sport Does Your New Business Development Process Look Like?

After Covid-19 disrupted the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo now stands ready to host the Summer Games in 2021. At The Endurance Group, we always love the summer games, as it highlights so many great athletes participating in sports. The Olympics covers sports you rarely get the chance to see or even know existed, like Rhythmic Gymnastics. No matter the sport, these athletes have dedicated much of their lives preparing for this opportunity to share their talents with the world.

The team here at The Endurance Group recently held a Happy Hour, where we played some Trivial Pursuit. One of the categories was the Olympics and many of us were stumped by some of the questions but it definitely got us ready for the Games!

We also couldn’t help but think about how some of the sports look like many of the New Business Development processes we often see across all categories of business.

Some processes look like an intense regatta (rowing/crew race), with a CEO acting like the Coxswain, yelling SELL to the team at every stroke, call or email. While you get the sense of urgency, you also risk scaring off your potential customers. Some New Business cycles resemble the 100 Meter Dash (a sprint from start to finish), however most New Business cycles we see are more like a marathon with twists and turns, hills and valleys, and so forth, where endurance is the key!

Let’s not forget the 4×400 Relays! While the Jamaican track team has mastered the art of the relay…handoffs in a sales process are not often as smooth. Especially when you have a New Business team – urgently making calls and getting meetings only to miss the handoff to the Account Executives. The 4×400 relay is less about speed and more about smooth transitions and handoffs, very similar to a sales process.

You don’t want your customer to even think they are part of a relay, you want them to see a streamlined process start to finish.

Are you shooting for the right qualified leads?

If you are to shoot an arrow, your shot has to be precise in order to hit your target audience. If you are targeting too broad or narrow of an audience, you are likely to miss the bullseye. You want your shot to be as accurate as possible in order to not waste any time but also be accurate enough where you can land the right clients.

Do your deals sometimes feel like they are on a Gymnastic balance beam?

One missed call or wrong email and off the beam you go and the deal is dead. Like the balance beam, so many things can go wrong in a sales process. Your New Business team needs to be focused and prepared and know the routine.

While many lead generation firms might offer to help you with your 100 Meter Sprint in terms of unqualified leads, The Endurance Group focuses our New Business Development process like finely tuned Decathletes.

Similar to Olympic athletes, The Endurance Group doesn’t just work or compete with businesses only in the US. We operate on a global scale, working with new business development in over 15 different countries.

We listen to your needs, understand your unique value and leverage these tools into customized New Business strategies that help you grow your business. We work with you on your New Business strategy, integrate into your sales process and act as an extension of your team. It is a winning formula that has worked for us for over 20 years and we are proud of it!

Whether you are looking to expand your markets, introduce new products, or simply grow your business, The Endurance Group has a team of experts that can deliver the Gold Medal results you are looking for.

Enjoy the Games!