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What exactly do you do at The Endurance Group?

We are a full service business development consulting firm. The Endurance Group is at the epicenter of lead generation, sales, and consulting. 

On a larger level, we bring ideas to our clients and take the time to understand where they have been and where they want to go. We then use this information to design custom business development programs that integrate closely with their marketing and sales team. 

Then, on a more specific level, we execute those plans. We help clients target new clients through email, LinkedIn, phone, and direct mail, as well as digital marketing strategies such as social media, Google Ads, and content development (blogs, case studies, etc.). We then evaluate and qualify leads to accelerate them through our clients’ sales pipelines. We pride ourselves on not being “robots”; we reflect on our progress alongside our clients by performing market analysis and assessing our clients’ needs.

How do you help clients close deals? ​

After we create a list of prospects for our clients using significant market research, we reach out to those prospects on our clients’ behalf. Once a prospect shows interest, we research the prospect’s position and company to ensure it is a quality lead. Then, we schedule the initial meeting for our client.

At this point, we help our clients according to their needs. While some of our clients ask us to join the initial meeting and act as a member of the sales team, others simply inform us after the call about next steps.

After the initial meeting, we track and move the lead through our client’s pipeline using follow-up communication, writing proposals, assisting on demos, etc. In addition, we track all of our work directly in our clients’ CRM. Ultimately, we aim to fully integrate ourselves into our clients’ sales and marketing teams and move leads through their pipeline as quickly as possible.

My product/service is complicated, so how do you learn about my product/service?

In our 20 years, The Endurance Group has significant experience selling complex products and services. We have sold drug discovery software, Six Sigma consulting services, private equity due diligence consulting, and, most recently, AI and machine learning technology.

We are able to do this because we pride ourselves on deeply understanding our clients’ value propositions and hiring marketing and sales experts, who are eager to learn and understand our clients’ products and services. We specialize in simplifying complex offerings and providing sales support to clients who are often not comfortable in a sales role.

What is Commonality, and how can I learn more? ​

Commonality is a platform based on the proven relationship-based selling methods used by The Endurance Group. Developed exclusively for the TEG, this tool makes use of the shared social ties between an organization’s team and prospects. Using machine learning, Commonality identifies these ties and generates a bespoke lead list of ideal clients and their commonalities to develop targeted, personal messaging. By forming personalized messaging, selling becomes much more authentic, leading to increasing conversions and lasting relationships.

Commonality is offered as a standalone service, and with additions such as outreach management, custom message crafting and more. 

More can be learned by reaching out to the TEG team, or scheduling a free demo. 

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So, are you a lead generation firm?

Yes, however that is only part of our offerings. We differ from most lead generation firms because we bring marketing, sales and consulting expertise to the table.

Most firms solely create a prospect profile, develop a list of potential new clients, and schedule meetings for their clients. We go above and beyond this. We act as consultants and help our clients analyze and ultimately improve their sales and marketing processes, rather than being a “cog in a machine”. Below are some examples of ways we go beyond the traditional “lead gen” firm:

We work with our clients to define clear profiles or the companies and executives that will buy their product/services. We then go deeper to find commonalities and unique connections between our clients and the prospects they need to connect with.

We turn these profiles into actual target prospect lists of executives that are decision-makers, but also have a higher probability of being receptive to our clients’ outreach.

We create custom compelling messaging that inspires prospects to connect with our clients in the form of emails, text messages, phone calls, website content, case studies, and other creative forms.

We deploy skilled sales and marketing professionals to work in concert with our clients and design and execute campaigns on multiple platforms and channels to meet the overall objective of finding new clients for our customer.

How does TEG get compensated? Why are your fees up front and not just performance-based?

The Endurance Group is a consulting firm and therefore charges on a consultative basis- this typically consists of a base hourly rate plus a commission or revenue share for deals resulting from our efforts. 

We have been in business for over 20 years and know our time and services are valuable. It is because of this experience, we do not do “pay per lead” or do “100% commission-only” deals – we believe in sharing the risks and rewards with our clients. Ultimately, we have found there needs to be a financial and operational commitment on both sides for the relationship to thrive and produce results.

Your success is our success. This is why we charge a success fee. Typically, this fee is a small percentage of first year revenue on any deals TEG helps close on behalf of the client. We believe that this fee structure incentivizes our team to put in the work up front and also close deals as quickly as possible.

How long will it take before I see results? ​

In the first 1-2 weeks of engagement, our team takes the time to learn about your past successes and struggles, research current clients and “dream” clients, analyze your competitors, and understand the current market landscape. We understand our clients’ desire to move as quickly as possible so, in general, our team begins generating and qualifying leads within those first two weeks. This then picks up over the next 3 months as we reflect on quantitative campaign data, as well as qualitative feedback from the meetings we schedule for you.