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3 Must-Know Tips to Closing a Sale

Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales. Closing a sale is a difficult technique to master, and even the best in the industry struggle with it. One of the biggest sales myths is that certain people are just born with the ‘it’ and that their gift makes them naturally exceptional salespeople.

The truth is that selling is more than just a numbers game.

Selling is a difficult task but with the right methods in place, you can foresee a better chance in a prosperous year.

Here are powerful tips that every sales rep should know to closing a sale:

1. Make Sure you Have a Good Follow-up Routine in Place.

It is crucial that you follow up with your prospects and customers on a regular basis if you want to consistently close deals. Follow-ups are whenever you contact a prospect following your last communication. It may be an email reminder, a phone call , an in-person meet-up, or even sharing a fresh piece of content that you believe they’ll find useful—whatever it takes to keep your prospects on your radar.

If it appears extremely straightforward, that’s because it is! Simply putting in the effort puts you ahead of the competition and increases your chances of closing deals.

Steps to closing a sale
2. Focus on Closing Quality Leads.

Prospecting effectively increases the likelihood of a sale. Not all leads are created equal, and not every targeted prospect has the authority to make major choices. Focusing your emphasis on only those companies and people who are a good fit for your product or service can help you close more deals faster.

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3. Be a Sales Consultant

It’s critical to remember that solutions sell. You want to sell advantages, not features—in other words, you want to sell the hole in the wall, not the drill. Consider yourself a sales consultant rather than a salesperson and provide solutions that are truly beneficial to your prospect throughout your entire sales cycle.

The next time you want to review your sales pipeline, and see the numerous deals pending proposals – consider implementing these techniques.

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