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6 Ways to Improve Your Sales Skills, Even If You’re Not a Salesperson

Even if you’re not a salesperson, understanding how to sell anything – whether it be a company, a vehicle, a house, or even yourself while on a date looking to make a good first impression – always comes in handy.

Your first objective, regardless of your career, should be to become a terrific salesperson.

Here are six ways to become the salesperson you want to be:

1. Attend Sales Training

Sales training and chances for professional development can help you keep your abilities up to date. In the game of sales, being a perpetual learner offers you an advantage. You may take free certification classes from companies like HubSpot Academy or Sales Engine in addition to paid in-person/online sales training courses.

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2. Implement Roleplay

When you’re on an exploratory call with a prospect, you want to be ready for any question, objection, or situation that may arise. It’s also crucial to develop conversational flow and learn how to ask genuine inquiries rather than interrogative ones. You can roleplay on your own, enlist a coworker to act with you, or enroll in a sales training course that includes roleplaying.

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3. Practice Public Speaking

According to Glossophobia, “a fear of public speaking affects up to 75% of the population.” This may happen to even the most outgoing salesperson. Practice, like with most things, makes perfect. The more you do anything, the more comfortable you will get with it.

During the sales process, you’ll need to deliver sales presentations, perform product/service demos, and persuade numerous decision-makers in large meetings. . For success, you must be able to communicate confidently.

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4. Find A Mentor

Work with your boss or ask them for names of great salespeople who can act as your mentor. You can seek advice on sales tactics from your mentor, have them roleplay with you, or have them observe a sales call for immediate feedback. This relationship will help you not only develop various sales abilities, but also provide you with an opportunity to receive feedback and improve.

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5. A Salesperson Asks Questions

Questioning is a skill that successful individuals possess. Of course, the same is true for effective salespeople. When a sales call doesn’t go as planned, or you’re stumped on how to answer a query or objection, seek help from your boss or colleagues. It’s critical to ask questions so that you can swiftly resolve issues if they arise again.

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6. Become A Lifelong Learner

If billionaires haven’t said it enough, becoming a lifelong student will help you improve your sales skills. Debbie Allen, author of “Success is Easy” says, “As you increase your value, you also gain the rewards and compensation of knowledge, skills and income.”

Due to changes in technology and society, the sales business is always evolving and you, as a salesperson, have to keep up. It’s critical to read articles and books, listen to podcasts, and remain active and interested in your profession if you want to stay at the forefront of the latest and greatest strategies.


Consider professional development options to boost your sales and enhance your performance. Be on the lookout for new techniques to improve your sales abilities and become a successful salesperson.

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