Why You Should Build Relationship Capital

Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made connecting with others easier than ever before. However, the ease of connections through social media comes with a price: genuine social connections are not much more difficult. Why you should build relationship capital?

Social capital is the cornerstone of genuine social connections and the base for building Relationship Capital. Social capital, recently described by McKinsey is “the presence of networks, relationships, shared norms, and trust among individuals, teams, and business leaders.” At The Endurance Group, we also consider social capital to be the potential for genuine social connections.

Shared backgrounds such as growing up in the same hometown. Attending the same alma mater. Volunteering with the same organization, are all aspects of social capital. Many of these things are lost or simply not a factor in social media connections. Social media is mostly focused around “likes” and interactions with posts. So the connections between people and groups never really take off. 

Commonality- AI Based Tool to Build Relationship Capital

Commonality aims to fix the lack of social capital and connections prevalent today. It promotes genuine connections rather than likes and comments. Commonality, created by The Endurance Group, uses your company’s social capital to find potential customers with whom genuine connections can be made, and gets your foot in the door. 

Use Relationship Capital for your company

Commonality can help any business find the connections that they need. Getting started with Commonality is simple. Commonality offers a FREE scan of your organization, drawing up five potential leads to potential clients, using your company’s social capital as a basis.

Want to learn more about Commonality? We’d love to hear from you! Schedule your free demo today or feel free to ask any questions!