Appetizers of Influence. Welcome to part one of my three-part series on Social Media in the B2B World. In true foodie fashion, I would like to take you on a culinary journey, starting with our appetizer: my early years on social media. 


Welcome to part one of my three-part series on Social Media in the B2B World. In true foodie fashion, I would like to take you on a culinary journey, starting with our appetizer: my early years on social media. 

What was first a personal pastime is now a life passion. I have turned that passion into a career at The Endurance Group. My knowledge of social media and influence has resulted in successful marketing and development plans for many clients. 


The power of social media is influence — it can make or break a brand, company, or even a person. Early on, I misunderstood the power of social media, resulting in an unintended issue. I influenced myself negatively. 

My college experience was unique. I attended multiple schools on opposite ends of the country. Despite being on track, I caught myself questioning my path and choices. My anxiety often peaked when I checked my social media. Posts from friends on traditional routes struck a chord. I could not explain it, but I felt left out, and there was no shaking it. After a few months, I did the only thing I thought would fix it; I deleted all of my social media accounts. 

I quickly realized that the problem was not social media; it was me. When I deleted my accounts, it highlighted the positives that social media provided to my life. I decided to reactivate my accounts, but this time with a meaningful plan that would help me overcome my fears. I was determined to learn how to leverage my influence for good. 


Promoting healthy lifestyles through recipes and wellness is my passion. Instagram allowed me to bring that passion to life through @realfoodwithrebecca. 

Over time, I spent countless hours engaging with popular wellness accounts, building my community and increasing my followers. Every day, I worked to create innovative content that would break through Instagram’s algorithms, and now, I have more than 20,000 followers. 


I will be the first to say that this was not a quick fix to my social media issues. Presently, I still struggle with setbacks. Sometimes, I become frustrated when my posts do not receive enough engagement. Often, I worry that I solely show off the positives of my life, inflicting in others that pain of self-doubt that I felt years ago. I repeatedly have to check myself and get back to my roots- I am the influencer, and it is up to me to use that power for good. 

Using social media at work is the perfect outlet to balance my passion. At The Endurance Group, I get to answer tricky social media questions for both myself and my clients. Founder, Jim Sullivan, encourages me to explore pathways of influence and their applicability to a B2B market. I work with a team that appreciates my talent and pushes continuous growth. 


I help companies at The Endurance Group unlock their social media potential. My noteworthy presence on social media has become second nature. However, my journey has taught me to empathize with new clients at The Endurance Group. The result is dynamic growth into unexplored pockets for B2B expansion. 

The Endurance Group works to provide clients with a platform presence that optimizes their image. Through curated hashtags and custom content, my goal is to unlock success for my clients in the same way I did, organically. We also use LinkedIn, a powerful platform for B2B because of its extensive network and unique social community. Our research, messaging, and profiling results in warm leads, meetings, and more closed deals. 

If you want to explore the use of social media in B2B markets to increase your company’s sales and revenues, reach out to us @theendurancegroup, @realfoodwithrebecca, or on The Endurance Group website. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

PS. Stay tuned for part two, the main course, where I will share with you my strategic approach to social media.