Relationships that Make An Impact – Alumni Couples Edition

What can alumni marriage rates teach us about sales?

My wife graduated from Miami University, which touts its alumni marriage rate at 14.25% – they call these couples “Miami Mergers.” Miami University often brags that their rate is double the national average of university alums marrying fellow alums (3-8%) because of its tradition- couples that kiss under Upham Arch, a famous spot on campus, at midnight, are destined to marry.

While my wife did not marry a fellow Miami alum, she did marry a fellow Teach for America corps member: me! Though TFA does not share its marriage statistics publicly, there are many articles about TFA romances. 

There are many reasons two people from the same college or post-grad program marry each other. It’s possible that two people who go to the same college or program have shared core values and interests. Or perhaps some people in their early twenties know what they want in a relationship.

No matter the exact reason, a connection is certainly at the heart of it all. 

But connections don’t just apply to romantic relationships, they can also apply to business.

At the Endurance Group, we have found people enjoy working with other people they have things in common with.

  • People have an innate trust for those who can also sing the school fight song or name their favorite academic building. 
  • Two people who volunteer for the same organization often have similar values, which leads to a trusting business relationship.
  • Those that started their career at the same company or program know they have the same fundamental understandings of business and apply that to their current positions.

We know amazing things can happen when there is a commonality between two people. We have witnessed firsthand our clients’ businesses grow and thrive because of these connections. That’s why we developed our software, Commonality: – to help people forge authentic business relationships. 

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