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Non-Profit Expansion: How Commonality Could Help Your Organization

Expansion is tough in any industry, and Non-Profits are no exception. In an industry largely reliant on donors, the size of a Non-Profit is often decided by the size of their donations, which can make expansion slow.

Competing with larger, more established non-profits for donors is a daunting task to say the least. Why should someone donate to you when there’s already someone else they already donate to? 

Growth will always be a challenge, but with the right tools, you can make it possible.

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Commonality: Leveraging your Non-Profit’s Social Capital 

This is where Commonality comes in. The Endurance Group prides themselves on being the first social capital company, helping others to find and build authentic relationships, unlocking new opportunities for non-profits and others. Our technology, Commonality, has been built with this in mind.

Commonality discovers an organization’s Social Capital by identifying their employees’, board members’, and volunteers’ backgrounds (alma mater, volunteer experience, previous work experience, etc.) and then comparing that to potential donors. 

So, you might ask, how can this help my Non-Profit?

Commonality is a great resource for Non-Profits. Gone are the days of wasting your non-profit limited staff in finding leads, as our comprehensive tool, Commonality, does all the work. By finding the connections you never knew you had, Commonality finds ideal connections and donors that you never would have been discovered. These “ideal connections” consist of social ties, such as alma mater, hobbies, hometowns and more!  The tool’s discovery is extremely helpful when it comes to non-profits  making connections with new donors and Commonality is the key to unlocking it.

Commonality then maps out the most ideal donors to reach out to based on those social ties, saving both the one and effort.

Getting started with Commonality is simple. Commonality offers a FREE scan of your organization, drawing up five potential leads to potential donors, using your company’s SCI as a basis. Even people who would not ordinarily be involved in this process, such as the board, can be utilized to connect with potential donors.

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