Jim Sullivan with family at beach


I don’t remember the exact moment my father told me he was starting his own business, but I do have vivid memories from my early years drawing on the conference room white board with my younger sister. Although my 2nd grade self didn’t fully understand what he did every day, I remember when he told me was changing his company’s name. He changed it from eTelesales to its name today, The Endurance Group. Back then, I understood that name change meant his company was changing its focus. However, what I didn’t quite grasp was that these changes in his company were happening because of larger changes occurring in the world due to rapid developments in technology. 

My father first began his company at the beginning of the dot com era. His company, Etele sales, was founded to improve and revolutionize customer service for the first ecommerce companies through tools like text chat, email and VOIP. However, my father quickly changed focus from customer service to sales and lead generation. But even when the company pivoted, effective utilization of technology remained core to his company’s mission. He helped his clients use effective email marketing campaigns and other online outbound sales techniques to help companies more effectively engage with prospects. For years, he helped young technology and software companies in both the US and abroad transform their sales and marketing efforts. However, he felt the winds of technology changing right around the time he read a book about the voyage of English explorer Ernest Shackleton on his ship, Endurance. Thus, my father changed the name of his company to The Endurance Group and shifted the company’s focus. The Endurance Group built on its outbound sales and marketing techniques by becoming an early adopter of the CRM, Salesforce, to use data to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.

Today, my father’s business is using a series of sales and marketing techniques that didn’t exist when I was running around his office all of those years ago. In addition to their lead generation , sales outsourcing, and data analysis services, The Endurance Group now helps clients better tell their stories and communicate their value proposition through constructing and revising their websites, initiating Google Adword campaigns, and creating and overseeing their social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, in the midst of all of these technological advances, The Endurance Group still draws on it’s early foundation of human connection and dialogue. We design conversation maps for telephone campaigns, develop clear, interesting, and readable content for email and social media messaging, as well as compose blog posts to be consumed on our clients’ websites and social media outlets. Throughout the evolution of

The Endurance Group over the past 20 years, a focus on helping our clients identify and engage prospects to ultimately reach their sales goals has been at the heart of all we do. 

When I was playing tic tac toe with my sister on my father’s white board in 1999, words like social media, content development, branding and lead generation were not heard in the mainstream business world. Yet, today, businesses that don’t use these words find themselves behind the times. Check out the updated The Endurance Group website for an overview of our new services. We hope to talk to you soon.